Monday, July 25, 2011

Ask A Supermodel: Size and Agent Relations

I just am kind of confused as to what to do next. I have tired and tired and tired again to lose weight to fit the 24-34 standards but it has not worked. I am now at 26-36 and happy but I would like to know if I'll get fashion jobs. More and more often I am seeing “bigger” girls coming into the industry and I often wonder why I cannot do that!! Should I give up?...Keep Working?
Oh and I have two agents. One in my city and one in LA.....but they are both kind of lazy at this point.

Hey Annie,  
Do not give up. I'm not able to see what you look like but just going on your sizes, yes, you can work. Commercial work is much more forgiving than high fashion work when dealing with measurements. If you want to do straight modeling, I would stay where you are size wise, especially if you're comfortable there.  Once you start working more, if you need to become smaller, you'll know. 
The real issue at hand is that your agents are lazy? Agent relationships are like any other relationship. Both people have to participate in order for it to flourish. If you're agents just aren't into you at the moment, it's time to sit down and have a conversation.  Perhaps there's something more you could be doing. Perhaps there's something more they could be doing.  Perhaps they're doing everything they can and they're not getting any response. You won't know until you ask and focus on solution.  
It may also be time to change agents.  Sometimes the agent relationship falls into a rut and there's nothing you can do besides part ways and find new representation. The a newness to the next relationship may give you the extra boost you need to start working again.  
Another solution could be to reach out to people you've worked and connected with.  Just make sure if any modeling work comes from your reaching out you take it to the appropriate agent to handle the business.  
Best of luck. Keep me updated on your progress. This is a stumbling area that many models fall into.   



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