Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ask a Supermodel: Overcoming Roadblocks

My name is Dionna Chambers and I am 22 years old. I have been in LA for about five years now, originally came here for college. I did finish college but started modeling and pursuing other industry related activities about three years ago. My main focus is modeling and hosting but I just feel really discouraged. I have a slim/dancer's body and I feel I am right in the middle in terms of height and body shape. I wear a size two and meet the requirements...but something still isn't working. I do as many trade shoots as I can but as you and I both know, you can always do more. I am driven, motivated, and always try to re-invent myself but I am at a road block. I want to use what I have to get into an agency that loves my look, I don't want to feel like I have to keep loosing weight until I am literally anorexic. Please check out my website...I do not have all of my pictures on there but a few. Any tips?

Hi Dionna,  
I'm so glad you wrote. Just by looking at the 4 photos you sent me, I can tell you know how to move and are very comfortable in your body and with the camera. This is great and key to developing into a great model.  
I can also tell by these photos that you are too short for high fashion or catalogue modeling. The good news is that your driven and motivated and willing to re-invent. The other good news is that you live in Los Angeles and the market here is very commercial and much more forgiving with the height requirements than a fashion capital like Paris or New York.  
There's a saying, "you can save your face or you can save your ass." In modeling the myth is you have to save your ass. Don't get fat or you won't work. And let's get real, a size 4/6 in some circles is considered fat. I'm here to tell you that you look fabulous! And what's most important for you is to keep your good looks. If that means an extra curve or two, so be it! You're in great shape, you look healthy and slim plus you have gorgeous skin. Don't starve yourself.  
The one suggestion I would give you is to stay open to the possibility. Your letter tells me that your discouraged and hitting road blocks that are frustrating. The people you want to pay attention to you aren't. The work you'd like to be doing isn't happening. Don't be discouraged. Live in the possibility.  
I've hit numerous road blocks with agents, work, photographers, career changes, etc. The main action to take is to remain focused and open to change. The experiences you've had getting this far are going to take you through the next step. Each step is building towards something and often times, for me, what was built wasn't what I had in mind. As a matter of fact, it usually was better than I could have imagined.  
So stay focused. Set small goals that are achievable for yourself so you feel you're accomplishing forward movement. And stay open to the possibilities when they present themselves.  
Stay connected.  



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