Monday, July 18, 2011

Ask a Supermodel: Breaking Into LA

So interesting you started in minneapolis...I just moved from there to LA! I am hoping to find an agency here. Any suggestions on who I should see? I often am told I am so editorial...

Alissandra (Lisa)

Hi Alissandra,  
How great you started in Minneapolis!  I was represented by Keri at Agency Models and Talent there.  It's a great market to get your feet wet and test the waters.  
Welcome to Los Angeles!  I hope you enjoy the comfort of your car because you will find yourself spending plenty of time in there.   
Stay on the project boards on ModelWire Network. It's growing rapidly. Post projects you'd like to work on or images you'd like to create.  Keep posting and reaching out.  You'll find a team you enjoy working with quickly. 
The fastest way to break into the business is through an agent.  Fortunately modeling agents don't require you have professional experience before you approach them.  So go ahead and send your snap shots to all the agents in Los Angeles! 
Here's a few to start your search with:  
  • Elite
  • Ford
  • Wilhelmina
  • Lemon Lime
  • LA Models 
Good luck and stay connected!  



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