Monday, July 18, 2011

Ask a Supermodel: Vertically Challenged Model?

Hello There,

My name is Angel Francis and I found you on the Model Wire Network.  I am very interested in modeling although I am very vertically challenged...  Attached are a few pictures of me. Below is some information on me:

  • Location - Baltimore, MD
  • Height -  5'4
  • Bust or Jacket Size -  34  (Small Jacket)
  • Waist - 24.5 
  • Hips or Inseam - 37 
  • Dress or Suit Size - S/M
  • Shoe Size - 6.5
  • Piercings - 3 earring holes in each ear
  • Assets - Not looking my age (look young), my smile, and my curves
I hope to launch myself into the entertainment and fashion industry via Commercial Print Modeling, TV Affiliations, Hosting, Voice-Overs, Movies, Dancing, Singing, and more.  I know that I am too short for any runway work but I would love to get in front of the camera professionally.  Thus, I am attaching my resume, a couple of head shots, and some full body shots.

I am currently a host on a public access tv show being aired in Washington DC; Baltimore, MD; Prince George, MD; and other places in the DMV area.  To view some of my work, you can look at it on YOuTube under the user name: 
49LOBEX   A link to one of my shows is:

Right now, I am hoping to figure out how to truly launch myself... what advice can you give???  I hope to hear from you very soon.



Hi Angel,  
You have a great personality and it comes through the camera.  I would suggest continuing to make your own videos and post them on Youtube while you're looking for representation.  
I love your voice and 5'4 is not a problem doing work in front of a camera outside of modeling.  
Did you know you can make money on your Youtube channel?  If you start to build a fan base there and get enough views, you can team up with Youtube to put ads on your channel.  I have a few friends already making a living with their Youtube videos.
Keep presenting and showing what interests you.  If you totally dig it, others will too!
Don't worry for a second about being 5'4.  You may not be the right build for modeling but there is still a whole world on on camera work available to you!  Your personality and energy will carry you forward.  Stay positive.  
Unless you have thousands of dollars to throw of publicity.  Launching yourself is one action at a time, every day towards growth.  Like a garden.  Soon you'll find a momentum to your actions.  
Best of luck!  



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